VR Video Game

VR platforms offer an immersive experience where a player can play a part of the fictional universe. The Abandoned game allows a player to visit the planets, gates, ships, and space stations found in the universe storylines. Each area of exploration will have AI characters to interact with, as well as objects to manipulate, such as compartments, electronics, doors, etc.

  • In-game will include:
    • Exploration & Tasks
    • REZ Station
    • Machinima MOD
    • Online “friends” play
    • Education MOD

Free to download and play.

Development beginning in 2022. Official launch planned for mid 2023.

In-world Economy – Cryptocurrency

Similar to many open world game platforms, the Abandoned universe intends to use a third party currency. At this time, the universe currency is intended to be an independent cryptocurrency, which will be able to be bought and sold through a player’s online account, usable for in-game purchases, exchangable through the AB Exchange and outside crypto exchanges.

A cryptocurrency allows users to potentially earn revenue simply by participating in the economy.

More information coming soon!