Novels, short stories, and graphic novels will help carry the Abandoned Universe in unique and interesting storylines.

Core storyline: The core storyline is the official novel series that acts as the spine of the universe, which expands on the gate and planetary systems.

Peripheral stories: The universe is designed to be large and immersive, which allows many different storylines and characters not attached to the core stories. These stories can be created from both in-house writers, as well as independent writers.

Book series will be sold both in ebook and soft cover formats.

Core Storyline

In each series, we follow the crew of the Adelaide and the secret operations under Novius, as they attempt to allude capture by the Alpha system in search of hidden resources and possibly, if legends are true, find the secret gate home. Throughout the series, the crew encounters dangers from hunters and Alpha agents, while revealing centuries old secrets that can rip the political fabric of the seven systems apart.

The Mearus based tech company, Novius SC, is a front for a secret group created to find the location of a rumored hidden gate back to the home system. In their search they are continuously hindered by bounty hunters, paranoid local governments, pirates, infiltrators, and the overbearing Alpha system, which is intent on regaining control over the seven systems.

Peripheral Books

Coming 2023.